Is there anything worse than walking into a room full of people, looking around and not quite knowing what to do next.  You look for any familiar faces, hoping to see someone you know or someone you can talk to.

It’s sort of the same experience  on Yammer. You may have  been sent the invitation by a colleague or by a member of your camera club or community group.

In a newly created  group you may be one of the first to join and it can seem a little empty. You have logged on but now what.  What do you do next ?

   Well, like any other social situation sometimes you have to make the first move….

  1. Post a message:
  • Ask a question, “how do we get started”?
  • Share an update on your current project
  • Post a link to  an interesting article that others will benefit from.

The key thing is to do something. don’t just stand by the wall waiting to see what happens next. If you want to include others in your conversation use  @their name.

Use topics:

Topics can be used to track messages around a certain subject or area, for example; #how-to or #directions. To add a topic to a post, click “add topic” while composing the message or simply use a hashtag. You can also add topics to a published message by clicking “more”.

You can also search by different topics. Go to Apps. Click on the Drop down. Select Topics

Read what your colleagues post:
Scanning the feed will quickly give you an idea of what people are doing and talking about.  It will help you discover what your different people are working on. You will experience some of the cross-functional, inter personal  magic that the online sharing creates.

Decide which Conversations to read:
The conversations are delivered in three streams and you can choose which  parts  to view.image

Top Conversations
This is an algorithmic feed of the conversations most relevant to you, based on what you subscribe to and your interactions with Yammer network content.

Followed Conversations
These are the conversations you actively subscribe to, including the users and Topics you follow, and your Group memberships.

All Conversations
These are all the conversations to which you have access within your company network.
You can toggle between filters via the drop-down menu. Top Conversations is the default,  but you can always switch back to All or Followed Conversations, as well as Sent messages, Bookmarks, Likes & the “Edit Who I’m Following” tool.

Like something:
If you like a message on Yammer, say so!

When you “like” a message, the colleague who posted it will get a notification — it’s a great way to let someone know you agree or support them. let’s face it, sometimes it is important to even acknowledge that you read the update.  If you  like an older message it will automatically jump to the top of the conversation stream.

Reply to messages:
This is the step that changes  individual thoughts into  conversations.  It is where the real value of sharing information and connecting people delivers results.

Send a private message:
Some messages are best kept private You can send a private message to one or more  colleagues using Yammer private messages

View profiles:
Get to know other members  by viewing their profiles and maybe you’ll learn something new about them. When everyone fills out a profile, it helps people connect. You don’t have to use your actual photo, select an image that appeals to you.

Create a group: Start a public or private group for your team, department, a project or a common interest. Are you working on a project? Start a group — it’s all about ad-hoc collaboration! Are you part of a team? Start a group .

Most importantly enjoy. This space has been created to reduce the constant pin pong of emails and missed telephone calls. It is as valuable as we make it.