You can use Storify to tell stories and curate

Having just recovered from my Pinterest addiction I happened upon Storify and fell down the rabbit hole like Alice in Wonderland chasing the new shiny object.

I like Storify because it allows me to select individual tweets, photos, links, and posts about a particular subject and weave it into a multimedia social story. It is like capturing all the snippets of conversation that you overhear at a party and linking them together.

These new applications are easier to use than they are to explain, so let me give you an example:

The wonderful Debbie Harper of Tús Nua Designs & Debbie McDonnell of The Marketing Shop Ireland will be on Newstalk with Bobby Kerr to spread the word about our#SMEcommunity tweet-up.

I felt that was a great opportunity to demonstrate how supportive and active the members of #SMECommunity are ; most of the time we seem to disappear under the radar.

However, most SMEs work on Saturdays, some even on Sundays and they would miss out on the conversations around the announcement or during the radio show. I wanted to curate and collate the twitter and Facebook comments and present them as a linked thread.


Because Storify connects to all the social networks, it allows us to create a map or a snapshot of what happens. People who view the Storify can interact, reply or favourite individual tweets, leading to different threads and comments.

Click here to see the Storify so far………


Why not create your own Storify?

Where to begin:

  1. Log on to

I think it is helpful to explore the existing Storifys that others have created. So many of them are entertaining and informative and let’s face it, you will get some great ideas.

2.      Take the Storify’s guided tour.

3.      The Storify Blog gives other information and tips

You can then explore the available options. I will post a full how to in the next post.