Store must prepare early for christmas

Time is running out to plan for Christmas 2014. Yes, I mean next year, not 2 weeks time.


I have been in many restaurants  and shops this week and they all look wonderful. The Christmas tree and decorations are so pretty and create a wonderful atmosphere. Business owners  have planned and worked hard to achieve this success. It can be really useful to do a little real time research into how your customers have responded.

You will have forgotten the little details by next year and sometimes the hard metrics do not tell the full story. Listen to your customers and capture their reaction to your products, this will help you to create targeted and relevant marketing or sales materials next year.

Part of your planning for next Christmas should include building a portfolio of images and pictures of your premises looking its best. This is the perfect time tfenns quayo take pictures of your table settings, entrance and waiting area.

Please don’t wait until things quieten down, when the tree is showing signs of wilting and the decorations are looking sad. The weather has been so good that you could get some early morning shots of your premises in all its glory.

When you guests arrive at your restaurant or bar, take some photos of their reactions to each other and the room. Give them the snaps to take away with them or if they give you permission, you can post to FaceBook, Pinterest or your website.

If you sell products take some photos of your interior displays and windows. Make some notes about what worked and what did not. How did moving the displays affect sales or create more add on purchases?

Take note also of which products did not sell as well as expected. Did you have to reduce the price? Were they loss making?

Talk to your staff about why different products sold well, how customers interacted with them, did some people purchase products in a way that surprised them?

You have worked hard to prepare for this major buying season. Take a little time to review and to consider how you should do things differently or in the same way next year.