People worry about taking a psychometric tests, Here are the 4 things you can do to prepare

Before the Test

    When you log on the complete the questionnaire, you will see some practice questions to help you become familiar with the process. Complete each practice question and make any notes that might be helpful in the real questionnaire.
    Although the personality questionnaires are not timed,you should work at a steady pace and resist spending too long thinking about your responses. Keep your mind on a work or professional environment and think about how you behave or might behave in such situations. You need work through all the questions without distractions or input form others.

[tab:After  the Questionnaire ]

    If you complete a personality questionnaire with us you will receive a printed copy of your report and have a follow-up conversation, either face to face or on the telephone.
Plan to complete the questionnaire when you know that you will have peace and quiet and will not be interrupted. Consider whether you are a morning or an afternoon person.
When do you feel more motivated ? When is it easier to concentrate? Do you need a copy of coffee or biscuit to feel energised?
Select a time and an environment that matches your preferences.
If you are completing the questionnaire as part of the selection process , ask the interviewer for some feedback on your report.
  • [tab:Using the results]

    when you have completed the questionnaire and received the feedback try to reflect on your responses.