Tedx CorkWomen, TED commandments


This December, TEDx CorkWomen will take place in Firkin Crane Centre. This will be an independently organised community event, hosting the most inspiring talks from women across the community.

The event aims to bring together people to discuss the overarching question: How are women & girls shaping the future as leaders, innovators and inventors? under the 2013 theme of TEDx CorkWomen: ‘Freedom From Conformity’.

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organised events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TED Talks, video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organised TED event.

I was really honoured and delighted when Niamh asked me to get involved with the event. It takes so much hard work to coordinate and organise

ted commandmentsWe have all the elements that contribute to the magic that is a TEDx event. We have a diverse  range of speakers who will speak on a range of different topics full details here.

Before speakers arrive at the TED conference they are sent a stone tablet engraved with the TED commandments.

The founder of TED, Richard Saul Wurman, created the 10 TED Commandments to guide speakers. Amy Tan in her TED Talk described the arrival of the TED Commandments as “something that creates a near-death experience; but near-death is good for creativity…”. But it did not prevent her from going 4 minutes over time.


I think the TED commandments could be useful for anyone making a presentation, so I have transcribed them from the stone tablet and here they are with my interpretations.

1. Thou Shalt Not Simply Trot Out thy Usual Shtick

Try to bring a fresh perspective to your subject or topic

2. Thou Shalt Dream a Great Dream, or Show Forth a Wondrous New Thing, Or Share Something Thou Hast Never Shared Before

Don’t be afraid to talk about something new or different. This is why people love TED talks!

3. Thou Shalt Reveal thy Curiosity and Thy Passion

Share why you find your subject so interesting and why you feel passionate about it.

4. Thou Shalt Tell a Story

People remember stories, not just facts and figures

5. Thou Shalt Freely Comment on the Utterances of Other Speakers for the Sake of Blessed Connection and Exquisite Controversy

It’s okay if you refer to a previous speaker, it’s even okay to disagree with them, as long as it is respectful.

6. Thou Shalt Not Flaunt thine Ego. Be Thou Vulnerable. Speak of thy Failure as well as thy Success.

Many of the most memorable talks are those who share their failures as well as their success.

7. Thou Shalt Not Sell from the Stage: Neither thy Company, thy Goods, thy Writings, nor thy Desperate need for Funding; Lest Thou be Cast Aside into Outer Darkness.

While you can speak about a charity or a cause that might need some support, the TEDx stage is not the place to sell your goods or services.

8. Thou Shalt Remember all the while: Laughter is Good.

If it suits the tone and the subject of your talk , include some humour. It really helps both speaker and audience to relax.

9. Thou Shalt Not Read thy Speech.

Take the time to rehearse your talk, so that you do not have to rely on notes.

10. Thou Shalt Not Steal the Time of Them that Follow Thee

There is an 18 minute limit on TEDx talks. It is a good idea to rehearse your timings to ensure you do not run over.


I hope you find them useful and that you come along to our event.