We focus o1214589191Ory2GU[1]n helping organizations and charities to develop the goals, plans and strategy to be more successful. We have seen too many companies dipping their toe into the online world and ending up with an unliked Facebook page or a ghost town twitter account. 

The good ideas that will create your strategy will not arrived fully formed. They need to be refined and tested. You must understand what your market wants and then prepare to deliver it to them. We can work with you to prompt, suggest and challenge you to figure out exactly what you are trying to accomplish.

Social Media is not about the Tools.twitter

Tools such as Pinterest, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, or the other popular tools are temporary. If you don’t believe me just think of MySpace or Bebo. The tools are brilliant only because they allow you to interact with your actual and potential customers in a different way. don’t fall in love with the technology, fall in love with your customers or services.

Social Media simply offers more options than any form of traditional media. It can totally change your business and your markets, when used properly and with a strategy. This means using relationship minded practices to achieve your business goals.

The tools are not free

Because these tools are mostly free there is a tendency to think they don’t not have costs associated with them. Building a relevant relationship with your tribe will take time, creative effort, testing and a lot of nurturing and tending. So, if it’s not about the money it must be about how much effort you are prepared to devote to this

I often tell people it is like waiting for chickens to hatch. At the moment there are over eight hundred million people on Facebook. Having a  Facebook or Google+ presence is not enough. Your need a strategy to connect you with people who share your interests or are interested in what you have to offer.  Your strategy is designed to suit your business and it outlines the best way to communicate and build sustainable relationships with your customers, employees, and others.

Talk to us if you want to:

  • Increase Sales
  • Build greater market awareness of your goods or services
  • Create loyal customers
  • Improve customer service  
  • Enhance employee engagement by involving them in conversations with your customers

How long will this take?

Developing your online or social media strategy can take from 3 hours to three weeks. It depends on the size of the organisation and the level of success you expect. Once we start talking with you things tend to happen faster than you think.  Social Media is creating responsive real time messages that connect with your customers. We can help you from your tentative first steps to larger campaigns.