Customer Journey

One of the newest trends in sales and business growth is improving the customer experience. Many innovative marketers are using Customer journey mapping as a tool to capture the customers’ experiences.

Yet, many sales people who are closer to the customer are unaware of the potential insights that mapping the customer’s experience can provide. They do not think about aligning customer interactions across the organization or enabling the sales team to understand the different barriers or opportunities in the customers’ journey.

The sales team tend to focus on outbound sales and prospecting. Event though we know that picking up the phone, cold calling, getting past the gatekeepers – can be discouraging and frustrating. If we do not understand why the customer does not seem interested or what the customer’s perception of value is, the call will be much more difficult.
Crafting a customer journey  or buyers journey will actually help you understand your own business.
We can help your salespeople to develop new skills and techniques to help them to intentionally think about key moments in the customer journey. We will help them to consider where they, as sales people can add value or build relationships which ultimately lead to sales

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7 Ways To Give Salespeople More Control Over The Customer Experience

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