It is estimated that over 50% of companies use psychometric assessments, either in their recruitment or employee development strategy.

There are many benefits to employees who use of psychometric assessments

Assessments help to match people to roles, identify individual capabilities and predict on-the-job performance. The correct use of assessment instruments can lead to substantial gains for the organisation in terms of:
• better quality of talent that can perform the required role and are a good culture fit
• greater insight into employees
• lower training costs due to improved recruitment/appointment decisions

In order to  deliver a real value to the client , the assessment should be used as part of the overall recruitment strategy. This requires the employer to investigate the actual role profile and clarify the required competences, skills and attributes required to perform in the role. This also helps ensures compliance with the legislative nature of the process.

Many employers uses a task or skills test. one of our clients asks all potential restaurant staff to dress the table for an evening meal. This test quickly demonstrates their level of experience and skill. Another client often asks potential admin staff to find a file save on the computer and email it to a particular address. Again this test is a quick and easy way to observe a person’s work style.

When interviewing a potential employee it can be useful to use a matrix, which compares evidence displayed in the CV, interview, works tests  and psychometric assessment as part of you decision making process.