Really useful tips for pinterest

In the past fortnight, during a number of unrelated training sessions and even in conversations with friends, I have been asked about Pinterest. What is it ? What is all the fuss about? Can I have an invite?

I am not an Pinterest expert; I don’t think anyone is yet;the Pinterest phenomenon is just too new. But I am a Pinterest enthusiast.

I work in the Learning and Development field and I have  business perspective on technology. Since I am not a social media guru and most of the people I work with are not either, I’ve tried to make this guide to Pinterest as clear as possible. I am writing for people who are curious about how to use Pinterest in their personal life or business, not for techies.

I am not trying to sell you something, I just learned some interesting things about how to use Pinterest to build relationships with other people and wanted to share with you.


Pinterest is a website, that allows users to create a set of virtual pin boards, where they can Pin images from the internet. The users visit each other pinboards and  repin any pictures they like onto their own pin boards. really useful tips for pinterest

I know that does not sound amazing or earth shattering ,and you might even think it is another time waster until you visit it……

I have fallen down the Pinterest rabbit hole and take it from me, it is one of the most addictive websites ever.

I began to see the appeal  when I found some pinboards focused on technology and stuff I never really get around to such as DIY, poetry and music.

It wasn’t long before I was a pinning magpie.

I now have 18 boards covering a range of topics such as Business inspiration, poems,TED, Best Food and Drink in Cork, and the thoughts of the best minds in social learning.

Pinterest is still in invitation only mode; you have to get an invitation from another user in order to become a member. If you want an invite  email me at my address below and I will fix you up. Once you have created an account, find me at

However, before you leap in, remember, that you don’t have to be a Pinterest member to browse the boards created by others. If this has sparked your curiosity, go to and use the search-engine window at the top of the home page.

Allow about two hours as you are guaranteed to find some amazing stuff.

When you login and create your Pinterest account, you can choose to connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts, and with your company  website.  These details appear below your profile bio.

You also have the option to embed a Pinit Button on your website. Kim Garst has an excellent article explaining how to do this.

Pinterest for Business

People or your customers  don’t only use Pinterest for hobbies. They search fashion boards created by other users to get ideas. They explore home-decorating boards to get gardening project ideas or cooking boards for new recipes. Some are creating wish list  boards for things they want to purchase. These visual reminders or bookmarks create a link back to the original website making the purchase more streamlined.

Pinterest can a great tool for restaurants who can post pictures of menus or dishes. Better still, they can put great graphics on their websites to encourage their customers to Pin them. You could also organise contests where people could upload pictures of favourite recipes.

Craft or interior desginers might also find Pinterest the perfect place to showcase their work.

Those of us in the services sector can also use Pinterest to illustrate your knowledge, gain credibility and exposure. Krishna De, Mindful Productivity are good examples.

Pinterest is  not the perfect channel for everyone, but there are opportunities here. If you need an invite to Pinterest, you email me at, message me on LinkedIn or Twitter and I will send  you one!

Getting started

Once you join up,using Pinterest is very easy. Just add the bookmark to your browser. Then, if  you see an image you like on a page, and you want to Pin it, just click the bookmarklet. Pinterest displays a list of photos and videos from the page. Select the image you want  and it will be pinned to your Pinterest account.

How many of your customers have seen something they  like on your website and then forgotten where they saw it. If they can Pin it to their board, it is there for them or general viewing.

To install the Pin it Button on Google chrome or Firefox

  1. Go to the About page on Pinterestpinterest tips from realy useful training
  2. Check that your bookmarks toolbar is visible
  3. Hold down the left side of the mouse and Drag the PIN IT button and drop on your bookmarks bar
  4. When you see an image that you want to add to your Pinerest account, simply click the Pinit Button on your toolbar.

So, there you have it, my take on Pinterest.

Let me know what you think, if you can drag yourself away from it….ever.