You’re fed up. You have been looking for work without much luck and it seems like a lost cause. You have done your best and you’re wondering, just how other people seem to hear about jobs and get the interviews.

We know how you feel. The truth is, getting a job is often a job in itself. It is hard work. Your friends or family sympathise and share war stories.

But you want more than just some prompts or well meaning advice to keep going on your job search.

You need a Job Coach. Someone who can fill in the blanks and give you a framework.

Not just an instant one day quick fix or once off CV revamp. Finding the job, crafting your CV and getting the Interview might take a while.

If you take  this 6 week course we promise to:

  1. Work hard with you to keep your commitment to finding the job
  2. Help you improve your CV and online presence
  3. Encourage you to focus on what you actually want and can offer an employer
  4. Prepare you for the elusive interview when the time comes

During the course, each you will receive advice, lessons, tips, and Yes, homework all designed to help you build up your skills. You’ll receive a mix of email and telephone support. We will provide video tutorials and tip sheets designed to help you achieve your goals. You can also join the Really Useful Job Search Forum and share experiences and tips with others.

This course is not for everyone . It will take commitment on your part and some hard work. But we will be here to help you and support you.

This Coaching package offers you the Three Things that you may not get from your friends or family.

  1. Up to date Job search and Interview Tactics and Techniques. This is not a one size fits all strategy. We understand that if you are a newly qualified graduate you will have different choices and opportunities to an experienced person seeking working in a different industry.
  2. Tools.  We have the online and offline tools and strategies that will help you as you go through the job search process.
  3. The ability to hold you accountable. Being accountable in your job search is critical.  I found, that family and friends are not always the best advisors. they worry about you and they just want you to be happy. So  they avoid the subject or they just confirm your belief that there are no jobs out there and it’s all a waste of time. We won’t do that. You are our client and we will make sure you are doing the right things, doing what you said you would do, and getting results or changing strategies or tactics. We will work with you to find out what’s working, what’s not, and keep your performance on track.

Your career, business and reputation don’t exist only on paper. People who want to hire you will also  look online.

When you have a professional online presence they are more likely to find you – and the information you want them to know about you.

Here’s What You Get From Us:

  • 6 weeks of action focused coaching
  • Initial phone call ( 1 Hour) to establish goals and objectives
  • Two phone calls per week to check on progress
  • Pre interview telephone call if required
  • Detailed action plan designed to suit you
  • Set up of your online CV
  • Creation or Revamp of existing CV
  • Creating or Revamp of cover letter/email
  • Unlimited email access during the course
  • Interview tips
  • Help to answer Difficult Interview Questions

Our Online CV Service  includes:

  1. Setting you up and creating a professional Profile on LinkedIn
  2. Creating a strategy to leverage the power of online networks
  3. Setting up a Twitter account
  4. Using Twitter as a networking and job search tool
  5. Registering on the most effective job sites
  6. Creation of About Me page to showcase your skills or portfolio of work

This course costs €399.00. You can pay at all once in advance or in 4 easy payments of €99.75.