linkedin how to use it We want to help you to improve your LinkedIn profile as a job search tool, a learning tool and a platform to demonstrate your expertise. These 5 actions will help you to stand out from the crowd and refresh your profile. You can make these changes by clicking “edit” next to the corresponding section of your profile, which will appear when you view your profile while logged in.

LinkedIn is the online social network that is dedicated to professional and business users, it is not Facebook or Twitter.  LinkedIn can improve your chances of being found online — if you Google your name, your LinkedIn profile should be in the top 10 results.If you manage it effectively , your LinkedIn Profile acts as  your online professional identity; it helps you connect with others and let you know about potential career opportunities. 

However, we have found that many people set up LinkedIn accounts,fill in some personal data, ignore it and wonder what all the fuss is about. Their profile has “cobwebs” as it is not updated  and the information is out of date. If you take the time to create an effective profile, you help potential clients, and other readers develop an impression of you.

But the reality is that most people do not take the time to set a goal or  clarify what their real  objectives are on  LinkedIn, they tend to just fill in the boxes.

Think about what your objectives are on LinkedIn and create your profile to help you achieve those objectives .

For example, do you want to use LinkedIn to…

  • find a job
  • generate leads & referrals
  • market yourself as a expert
  • promote your company
  • find subscribers for your email newsletter

These 5 actions can greatly improve your LinkedIn Profile.


1. Do not Spam people with your changes

When you make changes to your profile, all the members in your network receive an update. Turn off this setting when you are making a lot of  changes to your profile or experimenting with different phrases or key words. When you temporarily turn off your Broadcast settings, it enables you to edit or change your profile and only update your network when you are ready to reveal the finished product.

Click on your Profile

Click on Settings

Turn  off Broadcast Settings



Do not forget to reactivate your Broadcast setting when all changes are completed.

2. Create a Profile that helps Employers and Clients to find you

Summary: Your summary should include a brief paragraph summarising your work experience, especially work experience that is relevant for the job you want.  Take the time to promote  your unique abilities and differentiators.  In the second paragraph, you should define your career aspirations.

Including keywords in the “Summary” and “Experience” sections of your profile increases your chances of being found by search engines. Many recruiters use  LinkedIn as a talent search engine.  By selecting a few keywords that are also found in your headline, and sprinkling them throughout your profile, you will rank higher for those terms when someone conducts a LinkedIn “people search.”  If you show up first or second, then you may get the opportunity over everyone else.Your key words are specific to your role, your sector and your objectives on LinkedIn. Be honest about what you want. If you really want to get a job you need to sell yourself, if you want more customers,give them a reason to contact you.

One of the best way to identify your key words is to create a table with three columns. You can do this on paper or using MS Word.

In the first column, list features of your services or products- what can you do for a potential employer?  Remember do not apply for the job you already have, think about your ideal or future role. 

In the second column, list the benefits of your services or products.- how will people benefit if they hire you?

In the third column, list the characteristics of your ideal client or employer , which can include geographic, demographics, and psychographics.Think about your clients or previous employers;why did they hire you, what they like best about your services, and why they would refer you to others? Add those words to the appropriate columns in your keyword document. Choose five of the most important words in each category and include  those words or concepts in your profile.

3.Be creative and authentic in how you write about yourself

How you describe yourself will influence how other people view you. Resist the temptation to copy and paste from a CV or Corporate template.

If you are promoting yourself as the ideal candidate remember to:

  • Use clear and unambiguous language
  • Create original, expressive words and phrases
  • Proofread and check for spelling and grammar errors

Try to avoid the most overused words on LinkedIn

                 over used words on linkedin                                        





  • Extensive experience
  • Innovative
  • Motivated
  • Results-oriented
  • Dynamic
  • Proven track record
  • Fast-paced
  • Problem solver
  • Entrepreneurial

4. Customize your public profile URL .

When you customise your personal URL, you change  the default LinkedIn URL. This conveys the impression that you you are tech savvy and  know  how LinkedIn works .People who stil use the default URL mark themselves out as novices.Simply, select “edit profile” from the profile tab, then click “edit next to your public profile. You can then customise your public profile URL.

5. Customise Your Website Listing

When you list your websites, do not leave the default “Company Website” as the hyperlinked text. Instead, choose “other” and actually write the name or your website. Remember, your company name is a keyword also and you’re striving to brand you and your company more. This also makes it more personal and creates a stronger connection with the visitors to your profile.

Let me know if these actions help to improve your LinkedIn profile and feel free to add any other tips that have worked for you!