foot prints

In the past year we have run a number of career coaching sessions for job seekers and career  changers. The sessions were well attended and people seemed to really engage with the ideas.

They left with ideas of how to improve LinkedIn profiles and creating visual CVs.  But I know they needed more support so, I offered a Free online platform for people to continue the conversation and to work on their action plans.

A lot of people signed up. Some people did not.  I was surprised.

  Then I read this post from S. ANTHONY IANNARINO and it crystallised my thoughts, as he says:

Ideas are worthless. The value is in the execution.

I now need to find other ways to support my clients to implement some of the ideas as soon as possible, maybe even during the workshops. I will encourage them to use laptops or smartphones to make the changes in real-time.

I believe that if they take some small steps, they will have the confidence to continue towards their goals.

Anthony finishes by asking a great question and I ask the same question now:

Have you ever attended a training or a seminar and been overwhelmed with concrete, actionable ideas and insights only to go back to business as usual the following day?