Microsoft Office 2010 review

Microsoft Office 2010 has changed the way people use technology in the workplace. Even though it was released almost 2 years ago many companies have only recently made the change from earlier versions. Most people who have updated have jumped straight into the programs and do not take the time to investigate what has changed.

Muraod Kennedy,our intern is a Microsoft Office Specialist.  Muraod has worked with some of our clients and understands that most people don’t have the time to figure out how they can get more from Microsoft applications. She has prepared a series of blog posts to help you get the most from the new features in Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel and Access. She will cover the following topics:


Microsoft PowerPoint

Mapping your company using Organisational charts

Using SmartArt graphics in Presentations

Branding your Presentations using SlideMaster


Microsoft Outlook

Using the social connector to integrate your LinkedIn or FaceBook

Customising your online business card

Creating distribution lists


Microsoft Excel

Creating charts

Highlighting trends and progress using conditional formatting

Showing data trends using Sparklines


Microsoft Access

Creating and customising reports


Hopefully, you will find these posts really useful!


PS, if you haven’t used Microsoft Office 2010, why not click here and try it free for 60 days.