When someone new joins your company it can difficult for them to figure out who’s who. They don’t know the structure of the company or who is what department.One of the most useful tools to help people out is an organisational chart.

This post will show you how to create a clear and user friendly map of the company.

We are going to use PowerPoint 2010 although you can do something similar in PowerPoint 2007.

In five simple steps you can create your own Organisational chart.

1. Open PowerPoint 2010 and select a new slide.This is a new presentation so you need to change the layout to a “title and content” slide.

Changing the slide layout


2. Next click on  the SmartArt icon in the centre of the slide

Org chart 2


3. Click on Hierarchy, Organisational Chart and Ok

Org Chart 3

4. You’ve created the Organisational Chart now lets start customising it.

Org chart 4


Customising an Organisational Chart

Once you click in the chart the SmartArt tools tab appears in the ribbon,  this disappears when you click away from the chart.You can change  Fonts , Fill Colours and Shape Outlines  to suit your company profile. You can add staff and departments to make it easier for your new recruit to understand who’s who.

Org Chart 5

I hope you found this tip really useful! Let me know in the comments section below.

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