When you know ahead of time that you are facing a competency based interview, you can prepare your answers using the STAR technique.

The interviewer will use questions based on a competency framework designed to match the role.  For example, a Project manager may require problem-solving skills, or a job in customer services may require conflict management skills.what problem do you solve

The interviewers believe that your description of how you solved problems or dealt with situations in the past are reliable predicators of how you would deal with similar situation in the new role.

They ask questions such as , “Tell me about a time when…” This may sound simple but, in the interview, it is so easy to give a rambling answer, to omit key words or terms,  or even forget when you wanted to say.

Most people will try to avoid these mistakes by using the Star techniques to structure their answers.

However, it can be difficult to create a flow to the answer or to figure out  how to prepare an answer that does not included the words “Situation, Action, Task, Result”.

Convert your START into a Story

If you take the time to convert your STAR into a Story, your response will seem like a confident authentic example of your skills or experience. The  Star structure will be invisible to the interviewer. This will be a welcome relief from the to rehearsed answers they heard and will help you to stand out from the other candidates.

This worksheet will give you guidance in converting your STAR into a personal, but job specific Story. Create a bank of answers in this format in advance, take your time to draft and refine your responses to create a seamless story.