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What does a Career Coach do?


career coach cork, interview preparation, Jane Leonard When you hit a career speed bump and need a fresh perspective to manage your career challenges, we may be able to help you. It is frustrating, when you believe that it should be perfectly obvious to employers, that you are the perfect candidate. Sometimes it is difficult to stand out in a sea of candidates.

We believe that our role as Career Coaches is to provide insight into the best ways to navigate the workplace.Our approach in coaching, is goal-oriented and results-driven. We provide Career Coaching in Cork for a range of clients.

We can help you to grow your existing career or position, give a different perspective on input on career and job issues, discussing starting your own business, interviewing and more. When we work with clients we often find that we cover a range of topics, not just how to get a job.We offer career coaching combined with personality or ability tests that may reveal your hidden strengths or abilities. We can also help you to actively manage your career and plan a realistic employability strategy.

The most important factor in selecting a coach is the chemistry between you and the coach.You will be sharing details of your life and your hopes or fears. There must be a shared trust and understanding of the expected outcomes. We don’t over-promise or say we will take care of everything for you; this is Your career, after all. The is a two-way process and hiring a coach won’t magically set you on the right path. Coachees must be active, engaged participants who are willing to accept feedback and have realistic expectations about their goals to gain the benefits.

If  you are considering one to one coaching, we offer a free 30-minute Telephone Consultation Session’.

About your free consultation:

During this consultation, we will discuss your needs and challenges. We can start to figure out what you really want from your career, and why that’s important to you.

Arrange Your Free Consultation 

To arrange your session, click here to contact us.

Or call 021-4651881 to make your appointment by phone, leaving a message with your email address and phone number, and also the best times for your session.

We will then send you a form, to give the coach some background information about you and the areas you might want to discuss. Once we have received this, we will confirm the date and time for your session.