Microsoft Dynamics, the Microsoft  CRM system has launched a new advertising  campaign is designed to speak to business leaders.  They believe that there are people with the energy and capabilities to power the growth and innovation of a every company. Successful companies can drive their business forward if they can empower their people to innovate and take risks while equipping them with the right tools to reach their full potential. I like this campaign as I think is an opportunity to highlight  the hidden potential in all of us. 

microsoft dynamics

They use the concept of  a “name tag” as a way to discovering the real you – it is a badge of your identity. I like the idea that we uncover the true role a person is playing, or could play, within the company.  

As Marie Huwe, General Manager, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing says ” These people aren’t just “Production Managers” or “Salespeople,” they are “Supply Chain Wranglers,”  “Revenue Rainmakers” etc.  She believes that the name tag makes a bold statement about the person’s untapped potential and their role within the company when using Microsoft Dynamics.   

I am curious as to how it will be received in Ireland and the UK. Will people connect with the name tag concept or will they rebel against being labelled by the name tag?

If you are curious about what your name tag might say about you,  why not logon to

Simply log on with your LinkedIn profile and Microsoft will do the rest.  It is almost instant  and might make you smile.The clever application reviews your LinkedIn profile. It then gives you a new job title based on the contents of your profile.

Most importantly you have the option to share it with your LinkedIn followers or to ignore it.


What do you think?