Really Useful business model workshop

business model you workshop more than reading the book

This interactive  Business Model You workshop is designed to help you discover your true strengths and the value you offer potential employers. Our approach is to consider you as a one person business, this helps you to identify your strengths and develop professionally. It involves adapting your thinking and presenting your skills in a way that will  help you stand out from the crowd.

Everyone’s career runs into trouble whether they are in employment or looking for employment. Younger people with little work experience need to invent themselves, older workers or those exploring self employment need to re-invent themselves.   We can help you to challenge the assumptions you have about your self and your organisation.

This workshop is based on the book by Tim Clarke and a host of other collaborators. If you click on the picture it will take you to a free excerpt which outlines the main points of the book.  We will work with you to create personalised results and develop a personal brand using the tools featured in the book.  You will be expertly guided step by step through this journey by Jane Leonard , a member of the  Business Model You community.

This workshop is not the traditional career development workshop. Instead of viewing yourself as the passive participant in the next stage of your career we ask you to  consider yourself as a single-person organizations with your own Customers and Value Propositions.

There will be project work to be completed between the sessions. However, we will support and guide you through this process. We will work with you to create your  personal Business Model Canvas and link this to your relationships and your potential employers “pain points”.



Who should attend
  • People who are struggling with  their career
  • Jobseekers  seeking new employment
  • Small business owners who want to connect with their customers
  • Business people ready to develop a Personal Brand
Duration  1 day
What will you gain? You will learn about, and apply a series of tested and proven tools that are used in leading organizations around the world.  These  tools and techniques  will help you understand your value and contribution to potential employers.
You understand the importance of your personal value proposition and how it fits with the potential employer or customer needs.
How does it work ? The workshop combines practical activities, theories, and examples that help you better understand business model innovation. You will  learn by listening, doing, and interacting.

All attendees are invited to join the RUTD network, where you can continue the conversation online. Cost€ 199