The Irish National Union of the Unemployed (INOU) have provided details on the eligibility criteria for the Irish government’s new internship  scheme. This clarification is  helpful for people who may be interested in finding out what is involved or how they will be affected if they apply.


To qualify for the the new National Internship Scheme you will need to be  on the Live Register, either in receipt of  a Jobseeker’s payment or signing for credits for at least three months.

The national internships scheme will provide an opportunity  for people to gain work experience for 6 or 9 months and receive a €50 top-up payment. One other useful aspect of the new Scheme is that if people go on to the scheme their entitlement to their payment will be frozen for the duration of the Internship where they will receive their social welfare payment plus €50, but this will recommence if they do not obtain work from the internship.

This could be particularly useful for those who have been in receipt of a UB payment for a number of months and who may receive a reduced payment or no payment because of household means when their UB runs out. It is also possible for people to have their Work Placement Programme (WPP) place converted to an Internship. In nearly all cases, people will be better off as they will receive the €50 top-up on their payment. However in the case of 18-21 year olds they will be €38 better off on the WPP as they get the full rate on the WPP.

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