More and more of us are using Chat instant messaging to keep in touch or to share some gossip on Facebook. I have been using it recently and some of my friends have sent me messages with cute Smileys. While  I had used this feature in Skype, I did not think you could do this in Facebook.  I had to find out how the other person had sent a smiley.
Well, I am happy to tell you that  it is very simple to send Smileys in Facebook chat.
You have to just enter some symbols and they will automatically convert into a smiley.I want to share the symbols or codes on Facebook.Some of you may  already use or know some of the codes but you may still  find this list very useful because you may see some new codes



So give them a try and let me know what you think…

By the way, if you know any others please share 🙂