Email is better than Facebook - if you want more customers

But just don't spam them

So much of the conversation nowadays around marketing is about social media. But global research shows email is still far more effective than social media in attracting customers to your business.

This should not really come as a surprise as there are far more email users than there are social media account holders.

The research by Custora  looked at how companies acquire new customers. Facebook was almost insignificant as a customer channel. A tiny  percentage of customers connect and purchase via Facebook. Twitter is an even weaker way to convert people into customers.

There is no denying that the Social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest can generate customer awareness and build relationships, so they deserve to be part of your marketing mix. 
many of your customers use social media to connect with friends or family and have no interest in your sales or promotional message. They may just want the traditional, professional email delivered to their inbox.

Email is better than facebook


So don't be disappointed if Likes or RTs don't equal sales.

5 Reasons Email is better than FaceBook


  1. Email allows you to segment and target your customers based on their actions

    This allows you to give each  group of customers the right offer.  Even if the offer is not relevant in that moment , many customer will save an email in their inbox or  folders. It can be personalised as a one -to-one conversation with your customer. You can also create a  plan to deliver staggered content to customers as they purchase different  items. 

  2. Email reaches your customer

    On average emails are  delivered to over 90% of your customers on your list.  Facebook posts may reach 2% of your followers on their timeline. Each time Facebook changes their algorithm it reduces your chances of reaching your customers, unless you pay.  It is estimated that only 0.07% of followers interact with your posts. 

  3. Email can be customised to suit you 

    Unlike social media there are no real restrictions on what you can include in your email. No 140 character limit or no-one peeking over your shoulder to see if they approve of your message.  You can include images, videos, surveys and links to other valuable content.

  4.  Email can turn your customers into your best salespeople 

    Most people who receive your emails , expect that there will  be a sales element. they do not always expect or welcome that when they are connecting with their friends on social media. If they see value in your email, they will often forward to friends or colleagues. 72% of consumers say that email is their favored conduit of communication with companies they do business with. 61% say they like to receive promotional emails weekly and 28% want them even more frequently. - MarketingSherpa (2015)

  5. Email can be a connection to your in-store and online communication

    Potential customers may not be ready to purchase, but they may give your their email if they believe they will receive offers or discounts or even invitations to special events. This can be a valuable way to involve your staff in your marketing activities. They can suggest to non - purchasing customers that they will benefit from signing up to your list. This means you will get potential value even if the customer does not purchase on the initial visit.