Many of us use Hyperlinks to jump from MS PowerPoint presentations or  MS Word documents to our presentation. However it can be a little awkward when the hyperlink opens the presentation in Normal view and you have to fumble to begin the slideshow.

The smoother solution is to have the presentation open in the presentation view. Then you can continue to concentrate on your delivery rather than on the mechanics of  PowerPoint.

There are  2 stages  to achieving this:

Stage 1

  1. Create your presentation
  2. Make a note of the slide number you will want to hyperlink to open
  3. Save the Presentation as .ppsx or .pps
  4. Close your presentation


Stage 2

  1. Open your Word, Excel or PowerPoint document
  2. Add the hyperlink text or picture
  3. In Word or Excel, add a hyperlink to some text or a shape by selecting it and choosing Insert> Hyperlink.
  4. In the Insert Hyperlink dialog box, click the Existing File option .
  5. Navigate to your PowerPoint Show file and select it.
  6. Click in the  Address box
  7. Go to the end of the file name and  add a # symbol, then the slide number from the original slideshow. For instance technologyfortrainers .ppsx#2
  8. Click OK.
  9. When you test your hyperlink, PowerPoint will  open in Slide Show view to the slide you specified.

That’s smooth