I was reading a post written by the ever knowledgeable Debbie from The Marketing Shop . She recommends that you use QR codes as part of Advertisements, Food Labels, Business cards, Retail and e-marketing .

Her post, (you can read it here ) prompted me to share how we used QR codes recently and some information on the software we use to generate the codes.

We use these two companies we use  to create our QR codes.

QR stuff  QR stuff

This is one of the best code generators because you can download and print high resolution versions of the QR Code. You have the option of saving the file for a number of different uses or campaigns.

You can use the codes on t-shirts or table napkins. One of our clients used it to show the fields where the cattle had been born and raised. We also used it to created name tags that linked to people’s LinkedIn profile at a meet and greet event.

If you are using Google analytics you can track the code to see how successful your campaign was from a variety of different channels.

There is a free version but most customers pay the small monthly fee for the benefits of the paid version.



This is a useful QR code creator that allows you to add a password to your codes. You can use this to protect private information.It allows you to generate a QR code for a website address, a specific  message, your contact details or even a point on Google  maps. it is free and you only need to sign up if you are curious and want to  get analysis of your codes.

Really Useful QR codes

We use QR codes on our business cards. We have a really long web address and it helps if potential clients can just scan the code and get to our site.


We are working on changing that at the moment with www.spiralli.ie, watch this space.





We use QR codes on our trainee name cards. The trainees who attend our courses have their names on the cards and the code links them to a collection of training resources such as PDFs or YouTube videos.

trainee place card

We also use QR codes on our tip sheets. We send post training tips sheets to help to reinforce the learning and provide links to other resources that may have been discussed during the course such as our  Assertive management tip sheet.

In our experience QR codes are a simple way of engaging our customers  if  used in an appropriate place and time. If not they just take up space and annoy people.

Our Tips for using QR codes

  • Make sure the QR code serves a purpose and gives a value to the customer.
  • The link should lead to a mobile optimised site. 
  • Consider the code location. Put them where people have the time and opportunity to notice them  and scan them.
  • Be sure that  the code is big enough so that people can scan it easily.
  • Include a call-to-action (CTA) stating the reason for scanning the code.


I hope you find this information really useful.